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I am Viola Thomas. I am the CEO of a 501 (c) 3 organization and I need all the help I can get from you. I would like t open up a shelter for Women and Children and single women. I would like to assist them with re-gaining or obtaining their independence. I had sent in an LOI but COVID hit and put us all at a stand-still. I believe it is best right now since I am new at this and still learning. I provide food and clothing for the North Ward but my business is The Central Ward Women's Shelter. I don't believe the Central Ward has room for me so I have to change my name to the North Ward I guess. I'm from the Central Ward and I want to give back. I lived in Stella Wright Windsor Projects from 1963 until they were imploded in 2000. I have all my licenses but I believe I need grant writing classes and the whole 9 yards. With hopes this shelter can get people employed and take others off the streets. It is transitional housing and I have such a vision. With your help I would like to make it a reality. I would also like to own and operate a Laundromat. Thank you for listening and for all that you do for our communities and Wards. Stay safe and be well. God Bless


658 3rd Street



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